Drumming Through the Jungle

Drumming with Dexter
Drumming Through the Jungle

Written by Ed Keegan & Rebekah Keegan
Illustrated by Suzanne Jacobs


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Drumming with Dexter:
Drumming Through the Jungle is not just a book. It is an interactive rhythmic adventure that includes access to an online Parent-Teacher guide with links to audio files of rhythms in the story, coloring pages, curriculum enhancements, and so much more! It is ideal for Pre-K through 3rd grade, but can also be used with older elementary kids. Click on the following link to check out the online Parent-Teacher Guide: http://www.rhythmconnect.org/jungleguide.htm.

Book summary: Dexter works for a magician who pulls him out of his magic hat. But one day the hat isn't working quite right and Dexter ends up in the jungle. When he gets there, he finds some abandoned rhythm instruments. He soon discovers why the instruments were left when he meets some interesting jungle friends. Join Dexter and his new friends as they learn the magic of making great rhythm together.

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Drumming with Dexter: Drumming Through the Jungle was written by Ed Keegan of Rhythm Connect and his oldest daughter Rebekah (age 12), and is illustrated by Suzanne Jacobs. For more information about Ed, Rebekah, or Sue, click on the links below.
Ed Keegan
Rebekah Keegan
Suzanne Jacobs